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How Elective Works

Elective is a magazine for university students. It will be published seven times over the course of the academic year and it will be available on four campuses (UBC, UVic, SFU and Emily Carr). The magazine is free. What makes our magazine different than other publications is how we generate visual content. We have developed an app that students can use to take photos of their life. Students can also use the app to vote on the pictures taken by others. Our promise is to publish whatever photos receive the highest scores. Essentially, we are ceding editorial control of the visual content in the magazine over to you, the student.


The voting interface is simple. If you like a photo, slide it to the top of the screen. If you don't like the photo, slide it down to the bottom. If you're indifferent, slide it to the left. You can vote on a photo once, every vote is equal, and all votes will be kept completely secret. We chose the democratic method because we aim to create a communal record of university life. It’s an organic process that is under your control. So, the best way to end up with the magazine you want is to vote on everything. Be frugal with your up votes, and, if some dipshit uploads some drek into the photo stream be sure to vote that shit down.

Photo Stream

Photos arrive in your stream using a simple formula. First, you will see two photos in reverse chronological order (the two newest photos). Next, you’ll see two photos that have been voted upon the fewest amount times. We do it this way because we want to make the election fair. A great photo that is taken in the middle of the night should be seen by the same amount of students as a great photo taken at noon.

Countdown Clock

In the top corner of the app you will find a clock. It will start at approximately five hundred four hours (three weeks) and count backwards. When it gets to zero we will accept no more submissions and no more votes will be counted.


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